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Terms & Conditions

Following things must be kept in mind prior dealing :

  • Any change or rectification shall not be made regarding the guidelines during or after the completion of the project/chart. If required it will cost you more.
  •  You are free to ask any query regarding your work to be done.
  •  The prices to be charged are not negotiable.
  •  Return of work shall not be accepted. If so, a little price has to be paid.


  • We do not sell books/notes related to the above.
  • It operates only in India.
  • We do not have any branch.


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Requirements & Charges

Requirements :

  • Convey the topic on which the project/chart has to be prepared.
  • Text the other guidelines related to the project/chart.
  • Make sure the information given is appropriate.

Charges :

  • Projects (per sheet) – Rs.25/- (writing+designing) Rs.15/- (writing)
  • Charts (A3) – Rs.200/- 
  • Sketches/Drawings – Rs.100/- (min price)
  • Powerpoint Presentations – Rs.20/- (per page)
  • Models Preparation – Rs.200/- (min. price)
  • Paintings – Rs.300/- (min. price)
  • Other Holidays Homework – As per the work to be done.
P.S – Delivery charges may be applied as per the distance(in km).

Subjects Covered :

  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Computer/I.P
  • Social Science
  • Statistics
  • Hindi
  • Economics
  • Science
  • English
  • E.V.S